Bug’s Gotcha…by the heart strings!


December 22, 2017

So about those “match me to my perfect dog quizzes” we reviewed in my last post… this time we choose the “what’s a good companion dog for a Lab” and guess what? It was a Lab… so since hell has not frozen over, I went a different route. Here’s my criteria for a second dog (also known as please,please,please help Cricket calm down or at least be bitey with something besides me..):

  1. Must like grandchildren and other animals but not insist that they be in your mouth
  2. Must be Lab proof (ie drool proof, mud resistant, sturdy enough to bowled over, sat on, played with, mouthed, *zoomied on, etc)

That’s it. After some serious searching through puppy websites, Lab websites, interrogating friends, coworkers and complete strangers out walking their dogs about the personality of their dogs we completely ignored it all and decided to get a breed we have wanted for years: A Bulldog IMG_0608

I always referred to them as English Bulldogs but according to the AKC, their name is simply Bulldog.http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/bulldog/

Bug also has a fancy pants registered name and a grand champion pedigree. We’re not dog snobs but with Labs and Bulldogs you can come across some serious genetic disorders and unfortunately such popular breeds also have plenty of unscrupulous breeders, so having registration papers and pedigrees can help you avoid some of these concerns. It doesn’t help you avoid quite a hit to the pocket book though. Bugs “Gotcha Day” included a 3 1/2 hour drive each way. We were treated to a variety of barks, whines and snorts and many, many puppy kisses. But there was not one instance of bitey-mcbite-face – oh this is a match made in puppy heaven 🙂


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