Are You Sleepy..

IMG_0170 Cricket asleep on her potty pad – 8 weeks old

Puppies are said to sleep between 15-20 hours a day. Sometimes it seems like those awake hours happen when you want to sleep! We really were very lucky with Cricket – she slept through the night, unless she was sick, from the first night we brought her home. Actually she was soooooo active during her awake times that she slept soundly just about anywhere (note the above picture – fyi the pad is clean- she never used them for their actual purpose!) You know how some people can sleep anywhere – well Cricket is the dog that can sleep anywhere and through anything.

IMG_0302 IMG_0429 IMG_0647

L – R: Cricket asleep with a Bug on her, asleep on the cat bed,  on the kitchen floor

And some people or dogs are more picky about their sleeping arrangements. The perfect temperature, lighting, mattress quality… and I need you to wake up and re-adjust everything in my sleeping arrangements at least once – preferably between 1:30 & 2:00am. I don’t mind a second re-adjustment around 4:00am also.

IMG_0626 Bug asleep in her crate, on her bed, with her blanket, the appropriate amount of subdued lighting and her snuggle puppy


So to answer my own question – yes, yes I am sleepy.




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