Learning to Share

A bit of false advertising 🙂

When I shared the above photo with a coworker – they said

“Wow, that is a photo that makes someone go out and get a dog”.

We got a good laugh out of it but it’s true in a way. How many of us have been lured into buying something based on photography; a vehicle, vacation destination, clothes, new hair cut/color, etc.? But I digress – this post is about friends!

By nature, domestic dogs – canis familiaris – are social creatures and our two are no different. They love each others company. They share almost everything. I say almost because Cricket no longer wants Bug to go in her crate since the puppy pooed in it. Cricket is afraid of exactly two things in life: packs of raccoons and puppy poo 🙂 Sharing is great…. most of the time.

Shared corner of the couch



Shared treat

`Cricket even crunches up things and drops pieces for Bug to eat. Sounds cute..usually is except when it’s things that they shouldn’t be eating like paper, dominoes, pencils or unidentifiable things from the backyard. Case in point:

The other night we were bringing the dogs in from their last potty break before bed. I notice Cricket has something in her mouth and she notices me noticing. Cricket quickly chews “it” (which of course gets Bugs attention) and tries to swallow “it”. And then promptly gags. If you have ever been around a gagging dog you know what comes next.

Out pops “it” and with a bit of dinner mixed in. Bug was positioned to receive her shared pieces… and she ate it. And then she gagged… and then Cricket ate it.. and then un-ate-it. And then it was Bugs turn. This was all happening as we were trying to pick “it” up and throw “it” away. We finally won that battle and I think “it” was an owl pellet. Cricket has an iron stomach so whatever “it” was must have been really foul! So I guess that photo may be a bit of “false advertising” since it is rarely ever that calm here. And maybe it’s not only people that can “over share” 🙂

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