Gotcha Cricket

Friday August 26, 2016


That was the day we picked up and brought home Cricket or her “Gotcha Day”. Cricket is her everyday name – she has one of those fancy pants official names also as she is a registered Labrador Retriever with grand champion bloodlines. What does this mean for us? It means she was expensive and that she is a Labrador through and through – otherwise known as a “Labrogator”.

Have you ever done one (or many) of those “what’s the best dog for me” quizzes? Here’s what happened when I did:

  1. Want an easy to care for coat? Get a Lab
  2. Want a happy-go-lucky personality? Get a Lab
  3. Want a kid and pet friendly dog? Get a Lab
  4. Want an easily trained and motivated dog? Get a Lab

You know what they don’t ask? How old are you – we’ll get back to this later 🙂

Let’s get back to that quiz….

  1. Easy to care for coat – sure is, it’s all over my house not on the dog
  2. Happy-go-Lucky = my puppyhood lasts for years(andyearsandyears)
  3. Kid & pet friendly – yeppers, your child and cat fit in my mouth and there appearance is vastly improved by my super-duper glossy slobber.
  4. 1 Easily trained – I am sooooo much smarter than you (and faster and stronger and   did I mention smarter?)

4. 2 Motivated – by FOOD and FOOD and Hey it could be FOOD

And here, in my opinion, is what the questions SHOULD be:

  1. Are you ten years old in mental age (about 20 in physical age)? Good, good
  2. Above average intelligence – like seriously above average? Excellent
  3. Are you water proof or at least drool resistant? Awesome
  4. Do you have the stamina of a horse? Strength of an ox? Speed of a cheetah? Yes, yes, this might work
  5. Do you enjoy being obsessed over, stalked and never, ever being alone (including when you are showering)? Oh I think we have the dog for you! GET A LAB

And finally – are you ready to fall head over heels for a drooling, shedding, bitey-oh-so-very-bitey, four legged bundle of enthusiasm? Happy Belated 16 month “Gotcha Day” Cricket!